Welcome to my website!

This site is an online portfolio of creative things I’ve done. From folk music to video games, most of it is documented here! Featured content that I think you’ll enjoy is shown above (you’ve scrolled past it!) while the blog/news section is available here. I’ve done a lot of reorganising of content today. I’ve tagged a bunch of stuff too, and removed or repaired lots of broken links. It makes me feel like my whole life is getting tidy!

The majority of the content in the site is accessible via the top menu of the site. As I continue to create things I will both edit those pages and add news posts below. Thank you for your visit!

Microshaft Winblows 98

Having read about Microshaft Winblows 98 in Richard Cobbett’s amazing Saturday Crapshoot article, I looked for a full playthrough online. Unbelievably, there wasn’t one. So I made one.

Microshaft Winblows 98 is a “hilarious”, “side-splitting” parody game by Parroty Interactive. It tries and fails to lampoon Microsoft, Bill Gates, 90s TV shows and nerd culture. There are awful nerd parodies of Star Trek, Xena, Baywatch and Friends, including a horrendous joke at the expense of Matthew Perry and his 90s drug habit. This whole product is cringeworthy.

It took me over 90 minutes to play this thing, so feel free to skip through the video. Enjoy!

Facebook Integration

This post is mostly a test-run, but if it works this could herald the dawn of my new internet presence!

Basically I’ve set up my web-site so that posts here automatically show up on facebook. This could mean that in the future I keep all my internet stuff together, on my own website, and Facebook is just an incidental sharing tool to aid community and drive traffic to my website. This, to me, is better than running the risk of my hard graft being owned and/or destroyed by another entity.

But we’ll see what happens. I won’t necessarily be posting everything like this. While I decide, enjoy a photo of this transformers rip-off I saw in poundland!