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GFW Radio Archive

GFW Radio was a podcast made by the editors of Games for Windows magazine (formerly Computer Gaming World magazine). I loved it so much. It ran from 2006-2008 and featured some of the funniest, well-informed critics in the gaming industry. Shawn Elliott’s anarchic sense of humour was a highlight of the show for me, as well as the inside baseball regarding the state of games journalism at the time.

GFW Cast

Unfortunately, the older episodes of the show don’t seem to be available on the 1up website any more. I have archived all episodes of the show, created a torrent of the same and am currently streaming all the episodes 24/7 to celebrate this re-release! The archive also includes video of Jeff’s final podcast and a bunch of best-of & reunion collections. Every podcast has been lovingly tagged and artwork for each episode is included. I’m very proud of this collection; it should keep fans busy for a while!

Here are the links:

GFW Radio Archive

GFW Archive torrent magnet link

GFW Radio streaming 24/7 on Twitch (under gaming talkshows, naturally)

For more information to see what is contained in the archive, check out this text file.

Best quotes from twitch chat

My GFW stream now has 100 followers! To celebrate, here are some things people say in the twitch chat:

20:13 < hakanderbanger> Heyoww
20:14 < hakanderbanger> what is this?

12:08 < dennis_the_topdecker> Is there any way to call this?
12:08 < dennis_the_topdecker> I’d like to participate πŸ˜€
12:09 < dennis_the_topdecker> Just to give my two cents

17:52 < camanche25> Hello
17:54 < camanche25> How r u?
17:55 < camanche25> R u even looking at the chat
17:55 < camanche25> There’s a restaurant called dicks
17:56 < camanche25> HELLO??!?!?!?!!!!!!!
17:56 < camanche25> Michele outhouse?
17:57 < camanche25> Lol

< mrgonzo42> Thanks. I’ve listened to every episode dozens of times. I’ll probably end up using this a lot lol

03:41 < omgitscaptainepic> You guys should do the death cup challenge, it’s where you guys do a challenge and the loser gets a cup. The winners(s) get to put a total of 5 ingredents of their choice, then u stir it up and the loser has to drink as much as he can!

03:52 < thereadingcave> This has been on for quite a long time…
04:10 < mrgonzo42> Well there are 3 years worth of episodes lol

01:29 < takeurlumps> Oh *** OG gfw

07:15 < freshgangifyy> hai there!!
07:17 < freshgangifyy> put a facecam up!

14:09 < winningdog2> Hi
14:11 < coolminedude999> *** you
14:29 < patiponpunk3> ok

22:33 < fireninjaz> nobody is watching
22:33 < fireninjaz> nobody is listening
22:33 < fireninjaz> nobody is caring

02:04 < quinton2002> I’m horny
02:04 < quinton2002> hello
02:06 < quinton2002> horny
02:06 < quinton2002> I am horny as fuuuuuuuuck

23:34 < i_am_so_done> hell guys
23:34 < i_am_so_done> I meant hello
23:37 < i_am_so_done> talk about the toxic avenger ( booze and pot)
23:41 < i_am_so_done> ummmmm
23:41 < i_am_so_done> interesting the switcher is a way to meet women ( this is a total catfish moment)
23:42 < i_am_so_done> I meant the witcher

04:48 < dk62302> Facecam?
04:49 < dk62302> Is this live
04:49 < dk62302> Answer
04:49 < dk62302> Please

07:42 < admin_russian> You guys are talking like people are listening XD
07:43 < admin_russian> Is it okay if i take my pants off? These jeans are killing me right now.

18:55 <@gfwradio> ah, we have some twitter love
18:55 < jonnysharp86> The Good Jeff Green himself tweeted, and here we are

19:40 < pheriannath> Thanks for setting this up. Finding this made my day. Long live the Brodeo.

22:57 < malakhor9000> Thanks whoever did this. This podcast is without a doubt the best one I’ve ever listened to, even all these years later. Glad to see others keeping it alive.

02:27 < i_am_so_done> how is everybody else
02:28 < i_am_so_done> wow no one talks in chat

09:38 < hectorchantres> gimme mod Kappa

17:27 < joshimitsuu> haaaii there
17:27 < joshimitsuu> yo can we talk about Bitches
17:27 < joshimitsuu> what do you guys think about Redheads

16:19 < mistwolf1992> Are you guys just talking about different things? lol

20:39 < hannah1998wis> What do you think of the new black ops 3 trailer

14:47 < ianlippert> Omg! This is a thing? Where do I go to download these?
14:48 < ianlippert> Holy shit. Thank you!!!!!!

18:32 < mordbrandinyll> cool story… but it ain’t no Ralph tho

14:07 < marcusplugged> howdy former linux reviewer here
14:07 < marcusplugged> everyon on twitch has a mental illness
14:08 < marcusplugged> the first stalker is ok
14:08 < marcusplugged> haven’t played stalker for a while
14:12 < marcusplugged> my wife works
14:12 < marcusplugged> so I don’t
14:13 < marcusplugged> so why not play games
14:13 < marcusplugged> whats padapond
14:13 < marcusplugged> I buy most of mind in bundles
14:15 < marcusplugged> you guys on twitter ?

15:25 < the_g_train> Wheres Jar Jar?
15:27 < the_g_train> whats she talking about
15:28 < the_g_train> can you jews hear me

05:30 < marcusplugged> hi
05:30 < marcusplugged> try using linux
05:33 < marcusplugged> do u guys watch the chat windows ?
05:34 < marcusplugged> so you guys do the podcast in mumble or teamspeak just asking

12:35 < blastodon> best podcast of all time

02:54 < marcusplugged> you lot sure like talking
02:55 < marcusplugged> its ok I do lots myself
02:56 < marcusplugged> at least you don’t have timezone issues
02:59 < marcusplugged> being in nz I would vote for paul
02:59 < marcusplugged> lol
02:59 < marcusplugged> haven’t watched mand man yet
02:59 < marcusplugged> watch the whole lot when its over
02:59 < marcusplugged> song in that
03:01 < marcusplugged> you guys on twitter

08:58 < zer0t0xin> so this is not live?
09:07 < perhapspie> you’re 7 years late, haha

10:06 < thephenom19> Now here’s a show I could tune into on a nightly basis!!!

23:09 < achemicalmonster> what are you talking about?
23:09 < achemicalmonster> wow
23:09 < achemicalmonster> *** this guy
23:11 < achemicalmonster> is this a recording?

23:43 < explodmonke500> oh god what is happenin here
23:44 < explodmonke500> herro?

05:09 < wichtega_mann> Hey what if you had to live with a polar bear
05:09 < wichtega_mann> But he was a non aggressive polar bear he was a nice polar bear
05:09 < wichtega_mann> And he would talk really deep and slowly
05:10 < wichtega_mann> And he would only say helpful things like hey man your shoes are untied
05:10 < wichtega_mann> And he would occasionally make you hot pockets and other foods
05:11 < wichtega_mann> But he would always make you feel special by complementing you
05:12 < wichtega_mann> But they would be slightly odd compliments like dang that’s a nice butt check
05:12 < wichtega_mann> Or wow that’s a nice toe you got there

23:19 < wichtega_mann> Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live with a polar bear but not a aggressive polar bear a nice polar bear
23:19 < wichtega_mann> And he would only say helpful things like hey man your shoes are untied
23:20 < wichtega_mann> And he would talk in a really deep voice

14:44 < master_kipling> you need to die
14:44 < master_kipling> kill ur self
14:44 < master_kipling> suck dick
14:45 < master_kipling> die

22:01 < kidoldman> this whole anthony and the game clerk girl stuff was a cringeathon
22:02 < kidoldman> lol

11:12 < randomhell432> Is it possible to see your shirt taken off for a follow?
11:13 < randomhell432> y u prerecorded
11:13 < randomhell432> fukn nerds
11:13 < randomhell432> listen to your moron fans you fagits

01:43 < litlleman3579> Hey
01:51 < litlleman3579> -_-
01:55 < litlleman3579> u wont look over here πŸ˜›
02:03 < litlleman3579> I got this
02:03 < litlleman3579> πŸ˜›
02:14 < litlleman3579> fine ill muted u
02:22 < litlleman3579> TELL ME MORE!!!
02:29 < litlleman3579> lol
02:29 < litlleman3579> my mom told me not to listen to u πŸ˜›
02:29 < litlleman3579> but what do I care πŸ˜›
02:29 < litlleman3579> bye

02:41 < az1z400> U suck
02:41 < az1z400> Go suck a dick
02:42 < az1z400> Ur mom is a hermaphroditism
02:42 < az1z400> Your a mother *** CRACKER
02:42 -!- az1z400 [az1z400@az1z400.tmi.twitch.tv] has joined #gfwradio
02:42 < az1z400> Stop *** listening to black music
02:43 < az1z400> Your not kool
02:43 < az1z400> GAYYYYY
02:43 < az1z400> Just stop….
02:43 < az1z400> GO *** KILL YOUR SELF
02:44 < az1z400> Do us all a favor please and *** blow your Brains

Microshaft Winblows 98

Having read about Microshaft Winblows 98 in Richard Cobbett’s amazing Saturday Crapshoot article, I looked for a full playthrough online. Unbelievably, there wasn’t one. So I made one.

Microshaft Winblows 98 is a “hilarious”, “side-splitting” parody game by Parroty Interactive. It tries and fails to lampoon Microsoft, Bill Gates, 90s TV shows and nerd culture. There are awful nerd parodies of Star Trek, Xena, Baywatch and Friends, including a horrendous joke at the expense of Matthew Perry and his 90s drug habit. This whole product is cringeworthy.

It took me over 90 minutes to play this thing, so feel free to skip through the video. Enjoy!