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This site is an online portfolio of creative things I’ve done. From folk music to video games, most of it is documented here! Featured content that I think you’ll enjoy is shown above (you’ve scrolled past it!) while the blog/news section is available here. I’ve done a lot of reorganising of content today. I’ve tagged a bunch of stuff too, and removed or repaired lots of broken links. It makes me feel like my whole life is getting tidy!

The majority of the content in the site is accessible via the top menu of the site. As I continue to create things I will both edit those pages and add news posts below. Thank you for your visit!

Gremlins Novelization Review


I have resumed work on my Gremlins Novelisation Review! Now, this may seem like some sort of weird fan activity, but I assure you it’s not. Well, it’s mostly not. The Gremlins Novelisation was written by a man called George Gipe, and it’s written in a very unique way. There’s lots of purple prose, needless background information on characters and events and a lot of general madness. Like when the author comments on the love interest’s “scrubbed freshness” or has characters say things like “When I’m thirty I’ll be a millionaire. When you’re thirty, you’ll still be twenty eight”

Anyway, there was a long hiatus during the writing of my extraordinarily in-depth review (21 blog posts and counting!) but I’ve written a few more and they will appear daily for the next week. If you’re starting from the beginning, click the “chronological” link. Enjoy!

Bill Gates – The Road Ahead

Back in 1995, Bill Gates wrote a book about the future of computing. Included with the book is an interactive CD with “multimedia” sections. So as you read the book there are hyperlinks with videos, audio and pictures. Also included is an interview with Bill Gates.

I got my hands on a copy of the CD, ran Windows 3.1 in DosBox and made this video of what I found. The only thing I forgot to show was the “house of the future” section.

He predicted lots of stuff about the “information superhighway” – for example, he thought that video-on-demand would be huge. I wonder if he ever guessed that his predictions, as well as the rest of the multimedia CD, would all end up in a YouTube video 19 years later?